Female, Mid-30s
Partially decomposed body with insect presence.

Black Female, Early 20s
Gunshot wound in the
head with a .410 shotgun.

Female, Late Teens
No trauma signs, decomposing.

9 Females, 1 Male
Fresh bodies with no trauma, except one has a rash on her leg.

Male, Early 20s
Gunshot wound in the forehead. No exit wound.

Male Late Teens/
Early 20s
Male impaled on pipe. Practice extraction of impaled victims.

Female, Late 70s
Pressure sores on lower back showing stages of advancement.

Female, Early 30s
Gunshot wound to the upper chest area.

Blonde Corpse
Female mid 30’s. No trauma.

Bone Corpse
Decomposed corpse with clavicle and #1, 2, & 3 ribs exposed.

Brunette Gunshot
Late 20’s, rifle wound to
the chest.

England Corpse
Decomposed female with knife wounds to the chest. Exposed Tibia & Fibula. Exposed radius.

Three-stage pressure sore

Japan Corpse
Mid 30’s decomposed.
Signs of Lividity.

Spatterhead Corpse
Decomposed corpse fitted with “spatterhead”

Female Torso
Latex skin over rigid foam core. Foam carved away and sternum bone and heart added. Torso was shot to test theory.

Stained to give realistic appearance. Can be buried for extended periods without degradation.

Purging Decomp
Decomposed female. Signs of purging.

Twin Girls
Fresh female bodies. No trauma.

Experiments conducted by Stuart James and Todd Thorne.

National Criminal Justice Reference Service.

Todd A. Thorne & Associates

Stuart James & Associates