BL-100: Vertical SpatterHead

This BL-100 is made of a proprietary formula of high strength casting plaster and a custom blend wax formula, creating a hollow shell which is filled with pig's blood*.

The Vertical SpatterHead comes with a plaster base & head and one wax “spatter” shell pre-filled with blood. Order multiple shells and your head can be used again and again.

*Pig’s blood is certified from the North Carolina Department of Agriculture & Consumer Services. It is preserved & kept in cold storage until shipping.


Striking this model, you can obtain realistic blood patterns such as:

  • Cast-off pattern
  • Back spatter
  • Medium velocity impact spatter (MVIS)
  • Ricochet

Fit one of our Forensic corpse with a “spatter” part to obtain:

  • Swipe pattern
  • Transfer/Contact pattern
  • Angle of impact
  • Directionality Angle

Vertical SpatterHead
$299 includes base head and 4 wax refills
$50@ for additional refills
10 refills for $300
Can be fitted to tactical corpse.

View the demo video now!

Experiments conducted by Stuart James and Todd Thorne.

National Criminal Justice Reference Service.

Todd A. Thorne & Associates

Stuart James & Associates