As Seen on CSI, CSI-NY and Showtime's Dexter!

Bloodstain analysis expert training head or crime scene reconstruction models.

These innovative new forensic models can help train blood pattern analysis experts in your agency for improved crime scene reconstruction. 

Disarticulated skeletons. skeleton - $350. Full skeleton - $500. Add these realistic human skeletons to your training. 

Design the body for your training needs. Pricing starts $1900 + shipping. Many option to choose from. Fresh/decomposed? Trauma wounds or no sign of death?

New removable wigs. Change the look of your body with different colored wigs!

Andre Anyon: Designer and Lead Sculptor


Recommendations by Todd Thorne & Stuart James have been implemented into the current model
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Spatterhead caps also come empty with bottle of blood which are easier to use and store,
plus it gives you the option to alter the amount of blood yourself

Experiments conducted by Stuart James and Todd Thorne.

National Criminal Justice Reference Service.

Todd A. Thorne & Associates

Stuart James & Associates